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Oc Nail Art

Every kind of art has its day in the sun. From Andy Warhol’s pop art phenomenon to tattoos and body art, there always seems to be a new art form emerging that allows people to express their individuality and creativity. … Continue reading

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Where To Buy Nail Art Supplies

When your daughter asks “Mom, can I have a Fancy Nancy party?” you can say yes right away. It’s really easy to plan a Fancy Nancy party! Nancy is a loveable character from a series of books with the same … Continue reading

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Opi Nail Art

Many people consider having great looking nails very important and appealing. It is a pleasure, though, to look at beautiful manicured nails. Attractive and long nails look elegant and sophisticated. Flawlessly manicured nails can generally say a lot about an … Continue reading

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Wholesale Nail Art Supplies

Methyl Methacrylate popularly known as MMA in the beauty industry is a monomer liquid used by nail technicians for the purpose of creating nail enhancements. Those of you who are already a part of the salon and beauty world must … Continue reading

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Nail Art Supplies Wholesale

Not too long ago sterilization was a flawed art form. The intentions of medical and dental professional were clearly there, however, the technology was lacking. The main issues relating to sterilization at this time, interestingly, did not lie in actually … Continue reading

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Nail Art How To

Gel nails Gel nails, or gel systems as they are also called, are a newer type of nail enhancement that are created by applying layers of resin to the nail; these layers combine and harden to form a solid nail. … Continue reading

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Nail Art School

Beauty schools are becoming more popular than ever. Students are coming out of high school looking to enter an exciting and fun career field. While many of them are familiar with getting a manicure, there are just as many that … Continue reading

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