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Nail Art Stencil Kits

Let’s face it, times are tough, and it’s during these times that some of the things you would love to do are just going to have to wait. Changing your home d├ęcor is usually one of those things. It does’nt … Continue reading

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Free Nail Art Stencils

Sculpting and carving are niche art talents. But carving on pumpkin is a unique idea. It is interesting how experts carve a monster, a dragon, a funny face and also a house on a pumpkin. Choose a heavy pumpkin. They … Continue reading

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Nail Art Stencil

The french manicure represents elegance and provides an easy-to-do, clean style. It is also a style that never looks out of place, whether you’re going for a fancy dinner at a members only restaurant, or out for a burger at … Continue reading

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Airbrush Nail art Stencils

Airbrush tanning is becoming very popular today. One reason for this is that people are realizing just how dangerous sun bathing is. As the ozone thins more and more each year tanning has become less and less appealing. The tan … Continue reading

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Nail Art Designs Step By Step

Poplar wood is ubiquitous and thus is available as an easy source of material for a great variety of products. Its uniqueness is its inexpensiveness that compels people to go for it while they are involved in either indoor or … Continue reading

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Nail Art Training

When I first decided to attend beauty school, I knew that I wanted to be a nail technician but was not sure what they would entail. It did not take long to find out that the top beauty schools all … Continue reading

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Nail Art Sticker

This article is about wall stickers and wall decals that are made of vinyl. Many websites talk about how to put these on the wall, but there may be little assistance for how to remove the wall stickers. The method … Continue reading

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