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Lace Nail Art

Let’s look at the “Art” of the wedding. By that I mean all of the visual aspects that make up your wedding style. Your gown, flowers, reception location, style of photography, your shoes, hair and make-up as well as the … Continue reading

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Nail Polish

Zoya is a brand of nail polish that is like no other. It is trendy, long lasting, and best of all natural. There is no fear that harsh and dangerous chemicals will be painted on your nails or inhaled into … Continue reading

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Fourth Of July Nail Art

When we think about summer, the first thing out of our mind is that it’s so hot during the summer time. But it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a period of colorful time. So what are these … Continue reading

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Nail Art Glitter

Beautiful nails have been an obsession that can be traced back to the ancient Chinese. It has been said that the Mandarins (males & females) considered long nails to be a sign of wealth. If you had two-inch talons, that … Continue reading

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Nail Art Polishes

Nail Polish has been dated back to the Egyptians who would use henna to stain their fingertips and toenails, they would use different colors to specify their rank in society with red being the top of the rank. Nail polish … Continue reading

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Nail Art Nail Polish

Have you been looking at people’s nail style these days? Well, things have changed a bit for 2011 and there are new styles and colors that are all the rage. If you have been to a salon to buy some … Continue reading

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Nail Art Airbrush System

If you are just starting out to learn how to decorate your own cakes, the cake decorating kits available today may be the best way to gather the necessary tools you need to get started. Let’s look at some of … Continue reading

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