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Nail Art Painting

A painting, like a living being, is in constant interaction with its environment. Depending on the materials used to create it, it might react differently to various environmental factors. It is important to understand this interaction as it can help … Continue reading

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Kiss Nail Art Paint

A great cover letter, like a beautiful woman, tweaks curiosity and holds promise. Both are eye catching. WHY a Cover Letter? In down to earth terms, look at it like a highway billboard. Your cover letter has 3 to 5 … Continue reading

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Easter Nail Art

Easter Sunday is a celebration of the perfect gift that the God-made-flesh, Jesus Christ, gave to the world. That gift is the gift of salvation. Among Christians, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday is a big feast. The … Continue reading

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Painted Nail Art

Hair Styling Although there are no absolute rules when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, your ‘total bridal look’ needs to be taken into consideration as everything should be balanced. For example, if your gown is simple, formal, traditional etc, … Continue reading

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Nail Art Paints

The paint on your car will definitely start to chip off after some time. Aside from scratches, dirt, rust and bird poop, paint is among the primary problems a car owner will face some years after purchasing the ride. When … Continue reading

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Nail Art Printers

If you need to know how to give a girl the best gift ever, let me help. When you have women in your life, shopping for them can be tricky and getting them to tell you what they want can … Continue reading

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Nail Art Patterns

When you typically think of a “trend”, you think of something new that is popular but isn’t expected to stay around long. So what’s the story with makeup? The history of makeup and beauty enhancement dates back to the Greeks … Continue reading

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