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Digital Nail Art Machine

Do you have a Tanning Salon but feel increasingly concerned about the local competition and the subsequent dwindling customer base? It doesn’t seem to matter how professional you are or how good your Salon is, it seems that price is … Continue reading

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Nail Art Machines

First things first – you must get trained to be a professional nail technician. You can receive training at any number of establishments, so look in your local yellow pages for beauty or nail courses. Maybe working for someone is … Continue reading

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Nail Art Manicure

Whether you’re trying to take a break from a hectic week, or preparing for a special day, you should always consider the benefits of manicures. Vancouver has many luxurious nail salons that can help you look your best on your … Continue reading

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Nail Art Printing Machine

Where are your family photos? Do you have them stored in albums, boxes or drawers like most families? Your photos may be safely stored but may not be looked at and enjoyed as they should be. Put your family photos … Continue reading

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Acrylic Nail Art Gallery

You began with store-bought canvases, but now you’re ready for the big time: making your own canvas paintings. As you head to the craft store, you ponder the basics of canvas material and stretcher boards. Pine is the usual wood … Continue reading

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Acrylic Nails

Nail art has gone way ahead beyond the conventional method of only applying nail paint. Now, you literally don’t need to possess a good set of nails to beautify them because now there’s the option of gel nails and acrylic … Continue reading

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Nail Art Magazine

Here are some tips for makeup application in 5 minutes or less. Be ready to go and look great in no time at all. Sunblock is a must, so this is one of those tips for makeup application that makes … Continue reading

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