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Design Nail Art

Nails have become important fashion accessories for women in the present day world. From the traditional designs to the present day modern art work, nail art has taken various transformations signifying its growing trend in accordance to the demand in … Continue reading

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Nails Designs

Although women tend to neglect their nails during the colder months, it is the most important time to take care of your nails! As you know, the cold air will dry out your skin. So make sure to lotion up. … Continue reading

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Nail Salon

Growing up as a child in suburban New Jersey, I don’t remember seeing any nail salons along the local roads and highways. My mother never mentioned having to go to a nail salon; when she had someplace special to go … Continue reading

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Nail Art And Design

Company Background Sparkle Nail Salon is a nail boutique located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2000, Kim Nguyen founded the business after working in salons for 15 years. Sparkle’s first few years were rocky as Kim struggled to compete with the … Continue reading

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Nail Arts Design

Hanging pictures has always remained an integral aspect of embellishing our homes since the time humans learned the art of painting cave walls in prehistoric times. Ancient people considered art as a magic that ferried us from an earthly to … Continue reading

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Designer Nail Art

Graphic designers are the creative, artistic wing of the marketing industry. Graphic designers take a variety of roles, from designing print ads and logos to designing huge billboards or branded t-shirts. A Short History You could argue that design has … Continue reading

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Nail Arts

Are you into beads, arts and crafts? If so, you have chosen to read the perfect article! Because we will be giving you a good stock of tips and guidelines that will help you enjoy bead-making even more. In short, … Continue reading

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