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Nail Art For Christmas

Designer nails can really make you look fashionable and chic. Nail art is one way to make your nails look really good and it lets you experiment with as many designs as the occasions or seasons demand. Nail art is … Continue reading

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Nails Designs

Although women tend to neglect their nails during the colder months, it is the most important time to take care of your nails! As you know, the cold air will dry out your skin. So make sure to lotion up. … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Nail Art

Christmas lights are part of the holiday tradition all over the world. The advent of inexpensive lights with very reasonable current draw has made holiday lights both popular and accessible. However, one can’t expect to simply throw up lights carelessly … Continue reading

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Nail Art Foil

Toothpick Shapes Insert toothpicks into marshmallows. Add marshmallows to make any shape you wish. You can add more than one marshmallow. Some of the shapes you can add: star, hexagon or complex structures like a tall building Finger Painting This … Continue reading

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Chinese Nail Art

The holistic practice of acupuncture is becoming a popular way to treat different bodily ailments through a non-invasive way. The career education options to become an acupuncturist are very specific. Students need to adhere to the general requirements in order … Continue reading

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Cheap Nail Art Supplies

If you engage in any sort of art or craft, you know that supplies aren’t cheap. A quick look around at any art store will make that apparent. Getting wholesale, or near cost, art supplies is a much better option … Continue reading

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Nail Art Magazine

Here are some tips for makeup application in 5 minutes or less. Be ready to go and look great in no time at all. Sunblock is a must, so this is one of those tips for makeup application that makes … Continue reading

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Cool Nails Art

It’s such a hard day and you think you need to go to nail salon to end it in a light way. Maybe your heavy workloads stressed you much today. Or a friend just called you to meet there. Many … Continue reading

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Cheap Nail Art

How much do you think you spend over a year in the salon getting your hair fixed? Ouch, it is probably far more than you like to think about or really want to spend. So, if I suggested that to … Continue reading

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Japanese Nail Art

Many people may not know that there are actually a number of benefits to getting a manicure. Most people simply get their manicure done for two most common reasons, and these are to have clean nails, and to have beautiful … Continue reading

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