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Lace Nail Art

Let’s look at the “Art” of the wedding. By that I mean all of the visual aspects that make up your wedding style. Your gown, flowers, reception location, style of photography, your shoes, hair and make-up as well as the … Continue reading

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3d Nail Art Gallery

Nail art is fast becoming a healthy trend these days. Back then, all that our nails could be subjected to was a simple manicure or pedicure that involved trimming and/or shaping the nails, polishing them and applying a glossy coat. … Continue reading

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Cm Nail Art

The art of fingernail decoration has been around for such a long time. What we call nail art these days actually originated from way, way back when people discovered the use of enamel and started painting their fingernails. More and … Continue reading

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Oc Nail Art

Every kind of art has its day in the sun. From Andy Warhol’s pop art phenomenon to tattoos and body art, there always seems to be a new art form emerging that allows people to express their individuality and creativity. … Continue reading

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Wedding Nail Art Designs

Every fashion lover has probably experienced cruising into an elegant high-end boutique before. A polite doorman will usually welcome you. The sales personnel are highly professional and prompt. You get first class treatment, surrounded by high fashion pieces coveted by … Continue reading

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Nail Art 3d

Beautiful appearance does not only apply to the glowing face and dressing style these days but prim and proper fashioned nails also add glamor to one’s personality. The creative art on nails using accessories with paints and bright hues are … Continue reading

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3d Nail Art Designs

Creating cute works of art can be a very difficult goal because the creation of cute art is attempt to create specific emotional reactions, which requires solid draftsmanship, and a real understanding of what is cute. Generally we all know … Continue reading

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