Acrylic Nail Designs

Thanks for visiting and finding my article. What follows is information that I have pulled together from many different sources. I hope you find it both interesting and helpful. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert on acrylic nails but did have a bit of fun writing this.One of the latest trends in nail care and style is acrylic nails. These nails come is a number of designs and colors catered to the customer’s tastes. The nails are commonly applied for a special occasion, but many women choose to use acrylic nails as part of their regular beauty routine. Using these nails is a fantastic way to lengthen and strengthen short, brittle nails.

Some people actually use the nails to stop themselves from biting their nails. Nail biting is a tough habit to break. Artificial nails are a wonderful deterrent for the habit because the nails are quite strong and nearly impossible to chew. For this reason, many people choose to maintain acrylic nails on a regular basis. Routine maintenance also stuff splitting and breaking of the nails. The bi-weekly maintenance for artificial nails is less trouble than maintaining natural nails.

Beautiful nails sure can be sexy, there’s no denying that. The industry itself is huge, from the products that are sold, to the nail technicians that service the needs of individuals.

Many nail technicians suggest that acrylic nails should be cared for as if they were natural nails. It is a good idea to avoid exposing the nails to water for an extended period of time. The water can seep in between the acrylic and the natural nail, causing damage and possible infection. Wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes is recommended, but aside from that, artificial nail wearers can go about their usual routines without worry, especially if the nails are applied using quality materials.

The acrylic nails that are created by mixing a powder with a liquid. Nail artist literally paint and shape the nails into place using this mixture. The liquid recommended by most professional nail technicians is Ethyl Methacrylate, or EMA. Ethyl Methacrylate is a little more expensive than its alternative, Methyl Methacrylate or MMA. Methyl Methacrylate is commonly used because it is more cost-effective. However, MMA is linked to a number of harmful side effects, including skin irritations and irregular nail growth. Most nail artisans urge customers to choose Ethyl Methacrylate because of its superior quality. Excellent materials and proper nail care insures consumers that their nails will enhance their hands with style and safety.

Once care and maintenance are in place, a regular acrylic nail customer can concentrate on nail color, design and trends. One of the classic nail color combinations is found in the French manicure. This design is simply a natural nail color accompanied by white tips. This is a popular option for many women because the colors compliment any outfit. Some customers are a little more daring and want to play with color. Nail artists create a plethora of designs ranging from stars to teddy bears.

In addition to color, many people choose to add a little sparkle. Nail artists and technicians offer inserts that are imbedded right into the acrylic. Some more exotic choices include tiny gems and stickers that come in a huge range of shapes, designs and colors. A very popular current trend is nail piercing. A nail technician pierces the nail with a piece of jewelry. Doing this on natural nails is virtually impossible so you can see that acrylic nails offer great flexibility.

A typical nail application service takes about an hour. Maintenance sessions at the nail salon usually take about 15 minutes. The process is relatively quick and doesn’t cost very much. Acrylic nails are a cost-effective, easily maintained enhancement to a person’s grooming routine.

Morgan Hamilton offers his findings and insights regarding the world of health and beauty. You can get interesting and informative information hereat Acrylic Nails.

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Pics Of Nail Art

Painted fingernails and toenails often catch the eyes of anyone around. Pretty nails, whether on hands or feet, look great for any romantic, formal, or casual occasion. If your nails are chipped and in need of a new manicure, you should take the time to apply at least a single coat of nail polish to dress up your fingertips. Your manicure or lack thereof may be a crucial factor in a job interview or on a first date. Show that you care enough to try by sporting pretty nails wherever you go.

So many exciting and exotic nail polish colors exist, just waiting for you to splash them on your fingers and toes. From neons to bold colors and everything in between, you should be able to find a fabulous color or color combination for your at-home manicure. If you prefer the natural look to any other array of wild colors, consider painting your nails with a clear topcoat or a pearly glaze.

Tips for Pretty Nails

Consider these tips to help keep your nails looking pretty:

– Always keep your manicures looking fresh. Change colors or styles at least every other week, or as soon as they chip beyond repair.
– Consider adding a glitter topcoat or a pearly topcoat for added sheen and shine.
– Paint your own nail designs for a fashionable and pretty look on your nails.
– Add nail decals or nail stickers when you need a change.
– Wear a French manicure for special occasions and important events.
– Go bright and bold for summer.

Tips for Fast Nails

Consider these tips to help you get beautiful nails fast:

– Buy a few bottles of quick-dry nail polish in different colors.
– Take your time when painting your non-dominant hand so it doesn’t get messed up as easily.
– Paint only solid color manicures when you are short on time. Adding in designs can take longer and may require you to redo a nail or two.
– Consider using a nail station to help you evenly paint your fingernails.
– Give your nails sufficient time to dry even if you are in a hurry. You don’t want to have to do the same manicure twice!

Try these fast and easy tips for pretty nails at home. You should be able to save money and have nails that look great in a jiffy. Keep track of which nail polish brands have done well with quick-drying and which ones are not best suited for speedy manicures.

About the Author:
Kathryn M. D’Imperio is a freelance writer and owner of DIY Nail Designs, which offers a variety of nail art tips and photos, and also Life Love Beauty, a site offering tips on hairstyles, makeup, fashion, weddings, relationships, travel, party tips, product reviews, and more.

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Art Deco Nails

The trend for cocktail rings began in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ – the Art Deco Era, famed for its escapist excesses and artistic opulence. It was during prohibition and the wearing of an ostentatious cocktail ring was meant to signify that the wearer frequented illegal but stylish cocktail parties and drank illicit alcohol. These rings were worn on the right hand to differentiate them from engagement rings, which were usually rather more restrained pieces of jewelery, worn on the left ring finger.

The popularity of cocktail rings was revived in the Retro Era of 1935-50 with the rise of pop art, reminiscent of the bold, geometric designs of earlier Art Deco. Both these periods were associated with exaggeration and excess. As this was also war time, women had to take on men’s roles and began to look and act less feminine. Precious metals, gems and pearls were all in short supply and if women were to recreate the Hollywood glamour being depicted in the movies, newer jewellery styles had to be created, hence the revival of the costume type ring using semi-precious and synthetic stones. The enduring popularity of them has certainly been fuelled by the Hollywood glitterati during the Hollywood awards season.

There are many different kinds of cocktail rings for the chic woman from diamond to semi-precious gemstones, chosen perhaps to signify one’s birthstone and these are sometimes even used as engagement rings. Whilst once upon a time, diamonds were the only stone of choice in engagement rings, trends are now changing. A cocktail engagement ring can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand in price. All diamonds should ideally be set in 18K gold or platinum, but less precious stones are usually found 10 or 14 K and this reduces the cost. One of the sweetest diamond engagement cocktail rings I have seen this year is a 1.5 carat diamond cluster with a bow surround set in 14 K white gold. Available from Universal Diamonds at $1.5K it is a little hefty, but for an engagement ring is divine. However, rest assured that lovely diamond cocktail rings can be had for a mere fraction of that price!

You can only really look chic in a gold cocktail ring, with or without diamonds, if you make sure your hands are well groomed and your nails properly manicured. If you are wearing celebrity style bling, give your hands a celebrity style pampering. Just think about the field day the paparazzi would have if Angelina or Jennifer were seen sporting a million dollar rock against a background of chipped nails.

You also need to think about the statement the rest of your jewellery makes. Keeping the rest of the bling relatively understated will show off your cocktail ring to its best advantage. A neat choker or necklace and a pair of crystal drop earrings, which need not break the bank, will give a polished finish, and never look out of place.

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Lace Nail Art

Let’s look at the “Art” of the wedding. By that I mean all of the visual aspects that make up your wedding style. Your gown, flowers, reception location, style of photography, your shoes, hair and make-up as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses and the presentation of the food are all elements that make up the “Art” of your wedding.

These visual elements when put together become the total look; they elicit a certain mood and help define the image you and your fiance would like to share with your guests.

Let me address specifically your beauty needs and the elements involved in pulling together your personal style. All the elements of your dress, hair, make-up, nails, and headpiece need to work together to become the “art” of your total bridal look.


Let’s look at a few important elements of design that are relative to style. Understanding each of these elements will make it easier for you to use them when creating your “total bridal look.” Whether you are working with your florist, caterer, or consultant you need to be able to translate your wishes to them that will pull together “The Art of your Wedding”.

Line- Size- Shape- Position- Density- Texture


The line of a hairstyle, floral centerpiece, or the composition within a photograph has a direction either horizontally or vertically. Horizontal lines broaden and shorten with the eye following the width, vertical lines slim and elongate. The line can be dramatic and sophisticated or soft and romantic.

I remember a very slender and petite bride who was wearing a slim fitted narrow gown. Perfect for her because it made her look taller. But the gown shop suggested a wreath of flowers. Just as the eye was drawn up, the wreath cut off the illusion of height. The horizontal line of the wreath canceled out any help the vertical gown accomplished in making her seem taller. It took some convincing and a visual demonstration but I got her to change her headpiece.

The line of the dress should match the hair. A long slim fitted wedding gown is complemented with a narrow bob tucked behind the ears or a bunch of curls piled high on the head. The line of a traditional full-skirt wedding gown is horizontal. This style is complemented by a softer romantic and wider hairstyle.

Staying within these design parameters is a general guideline for most brides. However, a bride with flair for the dramatic and a strong personality can certainly carry off a total look that does not “match”. A slim fitted gown with sexy wild hair may be your flavor.

Size: The finished size of a hairstyle and veil depends on a few factors: How much hair you have, how tall, petite or full figured you are plus the overall line, size, detail, and fullness/length of dress. As an example, apply this size “element” to the flowers. The size and volume of a bouquet should not overpower a petite bride or table setting.

I had a bride who was petite but wore a traditional full gown with a chapel length veil. (I lot of dress for a little woman) She also requested that her veil trail longer than the gown! I created a smaller Updo and made her a smaller headpiece to be worn toward the back of the head. I gave her the length she wanted for the veil, but it was not gathered too full. It allowed the horizontal line to flow but worked with her proportions. Sometimes too much veiling on top of a petite bride can make her look top heavy.

Shape: The shape of the finished Updo or hairstyle needs to complement the shape of your face as well as the proportions of you in your dress. The shape, is the outer line a hairstyle makes. Visualize a wide bob haircut making the outer shape of a triangle. A shag or layered cut has the outer shape of a rectangle. Some shapes are reminiscent of periods like the teased crown and flip of the sixties. The feathered back hair of the seventies complemented bell-bottom pants. The narrow shape and closeness to the head of the roaring twenties hair was a visual match to the bound breasts and slim body hugging clothes worn at that time.

The next time you see a picture of a Victorian lady in her bustled gown notice that her hair is bustled up in the back as well.

If you choose to wear a slim suit for a daytime wedding it would be important to keep your hairstyle compact and simple. If a full skirt or bustled wedding gown is your style, then go for a larger headpiece and hairstyle. The shape matches. Balance works.

Position: A hairstyle may be positioned at the top of the head, the middle or at the nape of the neck. A small wedding hat, a comb of flowers or a headpiece can be used to balance your hairstyle’s position.

I had an older bride who wanted a fun sexy look for her second wedding. She had a profile style headpiece which is the kind that sits along the side of the face. I had to make sure the hairstyle balanced the position of her veil.

Density: Density has to do with the feeling and look of weight or thickness. In this image the curls are dense, the necklace is dense, and the ruffles in the gown make it all work together. If the gown you choose is a heavy satin and the bride’s maids are in velvet, then requesting hairstyles of soft wispy flowing curls will not balance the total look. Instead go for a more detailed barrel type of curl or smooth twist. If your look is softer and more flowing, say a tulle top layer, your hair can also be flowing and the curls softer.

I remember seeing photos of a wedding party that were all dressed in velvet gowns. But, on top of their heads they wore dainty wreaths of flowers with flowing tiny ribbons that did not complement the density of the velvet or the time of year for the ceremony. (Winter!)

Many times I need to lead a bridal client into an understanding of this element of design (density) to produce the correct Up do or hairstyle for her total look.

Texture: Texture has the ability to create a feeling with hair similar to density. A hairstyle of glistening finger waves makes a daring strong statement. The texture of detailed braiding supports an ethnic look. The smooth texture of a sleek bob is classic, perfect for the understated Town and Country bride. Look for texture in your dress, flowers, and table linens. Fabric can be braided, gathered, puckered, or smooth. Texture in the hair can be matched to the dress, or it can be done to create contrast.


Now you have a better understanding of the elements of design. The principles of composition are when you use these elements to put together your total look. Lets look at three key principles of composition as they relate to style.

Emphasis- Contrast- Balance

Emphasis: What is to be the main emphasis of your total look? It may be an antique headpiece or your mothers wedding gown from the seventies. You may love your beautiful long red hair and want an Updo to be the main emphasis. Is the back of your gown stunning? The emphasis may be placed there.

As far as the ceremony goes, for some couples, the music is very important. For others it may be the food or location. For one of my brides the emphasis was her flowers; she and her Mom were florists. So I designed her hair into flowers, complete with white centers and silk leaves. It was a big hit! (photos can be seen in The Business of Bridal Beauty).

Contrast: Contrast accentuates various shapes and lines. There can be contrasting textures in a dress, for example a lace dress with a velvet sash, or an ornate bodice with an unadorned skirt. There can also be contrasting textures in a hairstyle mixing curls with straight. Contrast demands to be noticed and if you are bold and confident go for it! Simple bridesmaids dresses set off with exquisite bold flowers is fabulous!

Balance: Let me stress that a balanced look is the most important principle of composition. The hairstyle and headpiece needs to look balanced to the dress and body type.

The size of the bouquet balanced to the size of bride. The color and fabric of the maids’ gowns balanced to the time of year.

Don’t jump all over the place mixing an antique car with calla lilies and a sushi menu. A Medieval gown does not mix well with a bright contemporary reception setting and big band sound. Lay out all of your elements; write them down, think about them has a whole. Is there a theme, do they flow?

Today’s couple strives for individuality and not cookie cutter. The lines have blurred, the rules are out the window and saving money is chic.

How will you make the Art of your Wedding?

Gretchen Maurer is the author of The Morning of Your Wedding, a must have book for every bride no matter where you will be getting married as well as the salon industries first ever bridal text book, The Business of Bridal Beauty.

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Extreme Nail Art

The term false nails covers a large variety of different nail styles. The following list will give you an idea of what this term covers:

French Tips – false nails in a French manicure style.

Coloured false nails – false nails in a variety of colours, similar to you using a polish on your own natural fingernails.

Full Cover – A design has been painted on the full tip.

Half Cover – The design does not cover the full nail, for example the nail tip may be clear with flowers dotted across the nail tip but you can still see the clear tip in places.

The Shape – The actual shape of the tips vary greatly, for example French style would have a straight edge.

Nail Art – A design or picture is added to the tip.

3D Nail Art – as well as a design or picture, nail art products such as nail art rhinestones would be added to the nails designs.

Length – You can get short, medium or long length tips. Remember that you can also alter the length of the longer tips to suit yourself. Just make sure that you have the correct tools (eg tip cutter) or you risk the tips cracking or splitting.

Fantasy Nail Tips – These long false nails are an extreme length, for example the longest one could be 10cm and the shortest 7cm. They won’t be very practical for doing the dishes or typing, however, they will be very dramatic.

The majority of ladies (and sometimes even men) get these fantasy nail tips in a clear or white and they then add their own polish or their own nail art.

As long as you use the correct materials, you can remove the polish from the fantasy nail tips and re-do with a different colour. Therefore you get 2 or more uses from the one set of false tips.

If you do choose to purchase fantasy nail tips be prepared to be noticed, they don’t exactly blend into the background. Particularly if they are painted bold colours such as red or purple.

These extra long nail tips are great for doing nail art on as they are like an extra big canvas.

As you can see there are a large variety of products available, if you usually stick to the one type it would be well worth trying out some of the other types available.

Nail art products such as rhinestone nail art are increasingly popular. Products such as fantasy nail tips are a more specialised product but the market for these is increasing on a monthly basis. For moreinformation on either, click on the links.

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Design Nail Art

Nails have become important fashion accessories for women in the present day world. From the traditional designs to the present day modern art work, nail art has taken various transformations signifying its growing trend in accordance to the demand in the fashion world. Take for example, a nail paint that was restricted to henna and few other herbal products. Even the colors were restricted to red, brown, and maroon but now things have drastically changed. Just name one color and there’ll be a complete spectrum of options with regards to color tones. Fashion world is going crazy beyond imagination.

Explore here some of the striking nail art designs prevailing currently in the fashion world:

Nail stickers

Nail stickers is the latest trend in nail decoration. These are sold everywhere in the market and are available in various designs and patterns. These come in the shape of nails and can be easily stuck without any hassle. Some of the most common designs are flowers, falling leaves, water marbles, snowflakes, geometrical pattern, abstract designs, and shapes. The feel and the appearance of these stickers is awesome.

Hand-Painted Artwork

Hand-painted nail art is a beautiful choice for women who are passionate about their nails. It gives a completely new structure, feel, and elegance to the nails. There are specialist nail designers for the purpose and they make artistic and innovative designs with their hands. The most common design in this form of art is floral design and landscape. Adding glitter to any of these add more charm and excellence to the appearance.

Textured Designs

Textured designs are also beautiful with innovative design ideas and its unique feel. Texture simply means the feel of a surface and nails can be designed artistically with different ways giving a unique feel. Some of the experts give a feel by blending two nail paints and then randomly spreading it through nails, some try giving a swirl impact by using a toothpick. There are options to use a small blob, safety pin, or brushes to add texture to polished nails. It’s fun and fascinating to try unimaginable range of ideas in texturing nails.

Airbrushed Nail Art

Airbrushed nail art is a fantastic art that delivers a smooth and striking look to the nails. It adds to the elegance and appearance of overall personality. The technique simply makes use of sprays or airbrush machines. A stencil is placed on the nail and then using the airbrush machine nail polish is sprayed over the nails. It can further be adorned by add-ons like piercing and decals. Various colorful designs can be produced using this technique.

Visit the site to explore more on Nail Designs.

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Nail Designs Pictures

Creating simple nail designs is fun, but it can be a lot of work maintaining the beauty of your nails. Sometimes it’s easier to paint your nails right out of the bottle and keep it going. Fortunately, simplicity meets creativity with this nail design.

Creating simple nail designs on the thumb or ring finger only is gaining popularity. It allows you to add a bit of interest to your nails. One of the easiest things to do is draw some random lines on top of your nail polish. For a base color, choose red like in the photo or whatever your preference. Simple nail designs that use black and white lines look best on red, blue, black and pale backgrounds. You can also choose different colors to draw your lines with, but black and white are popular. Just make sure to use a nail art brush so that your strokes are nice and thin. If you do not have a nail art brush, you can use regular nail polish, but be careful that your lines are not too thick.

Finishing up your simple nail designs

Starting with the left side of your nail, draw several black and white strokes. These lines will almost look like they are extending from the same place. Make sure your lines vary in length to add necessary randomness. Your lines should also curve a bit either upwards or downwards like in the picture.

On your other ring finger, you have the option to create similar designs or to be spontaneous and change it up. Both looks will look great. If you decide to change it, this time you should start at the upper left-hand corner of your nail. Taking your nail art brush, create several lines that curve downward. Alternate between black and white nail polish lines to add flair!

Looking your best can add a boost of confidence. It is a whole lot of fun, too! For more beauty tips, check out Simple Nail Designs, where you can learn how to do a French Nail Manicure.

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