Fake Nails

Fake tips have been around for many years. You can buy them at the drug store and put them on yourself or you can go to a manicure shop and get them to do it for you, regardless fake gel or acrylic shells look great. If you have never been to get your fingers done, you are in for a treat.

Nails have become really affordable as shops have become plentiful. This is great for the consumer as the more the competition, the lower the prices become. The experience of getting your nails done can be very interesting. There are typically 2 types of nails acrylic and gel. Of the two, the gel nails are supposed to be better for your natural nails than the acrylic as it allows your nails to grow underneath. That really seems unimportant because you are wearing fake ones to begin with because your tips either won’t grow or they are ugly.

The procedure for getting your nails done is thus. They first put polish remover on the nails and some kind of disinfectant. They file them. Then they usually put cuticle remover on your cuticles. They can do this by submerging your hand in liquid until your fingers start to prune. The nails are then washed off and they apply the nail tips with glue to your nails. They then apply the gel or acrylic with a brush over the nail and let it dry. Then they put some sealers on it and polish them for you. Usually if it is a gel nails, you have to sit under a light for the nails to cure.

That is pretty much it. Getting your nails done can be a lot of fun. Your ugly fingernails can now look beautiful.

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