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Painted fingernails and toenails often catch the eyes of anyone around. Pretty nails, whether on hands or feet, look great for any romantic, formal, or casual occasion. If your nails are chipped and in need of a new manicure, you should take the time to apply at least a single coat of nail polish to dress up your fingertips. Your manicure or lack thereof may be a crucial factor in a job interview or on a first date. Show that you care enough to try by sporting pretty nails wherever you go.

So many exciting and exotic nail polish colors exist, just waiting for you to splash them on your fingers and toes. From neons to bold colors and everything in between, you should be able to find a fabulous color or color combination for your at-home manicure. If you prefer the natural look to any other array of wild colors, consider painting your nails with a clear topcoat or a pearly glaze.

Tips for Pretty Nails

Consider these tips to help keep your nails looking pretty:

– Always keep your manicures looking fresh. Change colors or styles at least every other week, or as soon as they chip beyond repair.
– Consider adding a glitter topcoat or a pearly topcoat for added sheen and shine.
– Paint your own nail designs for a fashionable and pretty look on your nails.
– Add nail decals or nail stickers when you need a change.
– Wear a French manicure for special occasions and important events.
– Go bright and bold for summer.

Tips for Fast Nails

Consider these tips to help you get beautiful nails fast:

– Buy a few bottles of quick-dry nail polish in different colors.
– Take your time when painting your non-dominant hand so it doesn’t get messed up as easily.
– Paint only solid color manicures when you are short on time. Adding in designs can take longer and may require you to redo a nail or two.
– Consider using a nail station to help you evenly paint your fingernails.
– Give your nails sufficient time to dry even if you are in a hurry. You don’t want to have to do the same manicure twice!

Try these fast and easy tips for pretty nails at home. You should be able to save money and have nails that look great in a jiffy. Keep track of which nail polish brands have done well with quick-drying and which ones are not best suited for speedy manicures.

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Kathryn M. D’Imperio is a freelance writer and owner of DIY Nail Designs, which offers a variety of nail art tips and photos, and also Life Love Beauty, a site offering tips on hairstyles, makeup, fashion, weddings, relationships, travel, party tips, product reviews, and more.

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