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Do you want to make him yours but aren’t sure how? Seduce him! You don’t have to look like a movie star or act like a slut in order to seduce men. In fact, the art of seduction is quite exciting if you know what to do. To make it very easy for you, I have outlined these 10 seduction techniques you can use to seduce any man:

1. Do the traditional seduction. Buy some sexy lingerie, light some candles, find some romantic music, and wait for him in the bedroom. It’s a classic for a reason — it works.

2. Plan a romantic evening for just the two of you. Prepare his favorite meal and make it a candlelit dinner. Watch a romantic movie afterwards to set the tone for things to come. By the end of the night, it won’t take much to convince him to stay.

3. Get dressed up. This is especially useful if you never wear a dress. Make yourself look gorgeous for him. Do your hair, your nails, and your makeup, and wear something that shows off all the best parts of your body. He will notice.

4. Take him out and show him a great time. Take him out to a nice restaurant, then go to the movies or dancing. The more fun the two of you have together, the easier it is to seduce him.

5. Be affectionate. No matter what you do, casually touch him as much as possible. A light touch on his arm while you walk or brushing against him every chance you get makes him aware of you physically. It is much easier to seduce a man that you have touched a few times than it is to seduce one that you admire from a distance.

6. Flirt with him. This should be obvious, but sometimes it’s not. You have to forget your plan to seduce him and just have fun. Laugh and make him laugh, and you’ll both relax. Seduction is all about having fun and teasing him a little.

7. Make eye contact. It’s important to look at him and catch his gaze. Direct eye contact shows that you’re listening to what he is saying and not thinking of something (or someone) else.

8. Share how you feel. Tell him that how much you love him and how he means so much to you. The more you stroke his ego with your words the easier it will be for you to seduce him.

9. Kiss him sensually. Kiss him in spots you know will turn him on, like his neck or his ear lobe. Press yourself up against him, especially when kissing. Let him learn how it feels to have your body against his.

10. Prolong foreplay. When the time is right and you are both ready to make love, be sure that your foreplay lasts as long as possible. The more he has to wait for you the more he is seduced and the more he will want you. Note that seduction does not have to necessarily lead to lovemaking.

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