Free Hand Nail Art Designs

Interior designers love to spruce things up and make them more attractive. Never let it be said that we stop with the inside of the house. It is approaching spring and time to give your outdoor space a little boost. We will talk about a two different outdoor wall art projects that are easy, cost effective and make a big statement.

The first option can be used to enhance an old fence, added to the outside of your house or even as a free standing piece of artwork. Here is where it gets fun and creative you can make anything that you love. I personally love flowers and on my deck is a flower garden with some of them as tall as seven feet.

I found the flower designs I wanted, created a template out of paper traced around it onto MDF board (you can use 3/8 or ½ thick). You can also free hand a design, remember the sky is the limit to what you create. Use a skill saw and cut out your design, clean off the edges and remove any excess saw dust.

You will need a good sealer to make the board water proof, go to your local paint or hardware store and get their opinion on the best product for your area. When you apply the sealer play close attention to the edges, make sure they are completely sealed. I always use two to three coats.

Now the fun begins start painting. You can use any water based paint in any color choice you want. I usually put a couple coats of paint especially the base color.

The last step is again sealing the entire piece of artwork with an outdoor water repellent product. You can use a high gloss or matt finish your choice. Apply your artwork to the wall or fence with the appropriate screws or nails. If you don’t want the screw heads to show, put the piece up first and then paint it in place.

Another option I love for outside use is painting concrete stepping stones. They come in all shapes and sizes in your local hardware store garden area. This is a great time of year to do this project because it will be ready for the spring.

These stones can be used anywhere that could use a little color. Pick out the size and shape stone you like and one that fits your area the best. Remember you can put these little jewels in your garden areas as well.

I suggest you use the concrete colored stones it is easier to cover with the paint. The first step is to use an exterior primer to seal the stone. Very important note, seal only the top of the stone, do not seal the entire stone. It needs a place for the moisture to come out. If you seal the bottom it will crack.

After you have sealed the stone and it has dried, apply any color or design you like. It is best to use outdoor paint, but I have used indoor with no problems. The last and final step is to use a clear coat sealer, it often comes in a spray can or you can paint it on. Viola you are done and you now have a beautiful stepping stone for less than $10.00.

Both of these projects are inexpensive and can make a big impact in your outdoors for the spring and summer ahead. Be creative and have fun.

Please join me for more information on low cost design options. You will find design ideas ready to start using right away. Designing a room can be fun when you have the right help.

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