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Every fashion lover has probably experienced cruising into an elegant high-end boutique before. A polite doorman will usually welcome you. The sales personnel are highly professional and prompt. You get first class treatment, surrounded by high fashion pieces coveted by fashionistas around the world. After you gingerly pick up an outfit and discreetly look at the price tag, mental alarms start ringing: “Why must high fashion brand be so expensive!? It’s just clothes!”

This is a summary of the many reasons: fashion is like art. The expensive ones usually have a story and inspiration behind the creations. Like artwork that can usually be found in high-end auction houses or museums, fashion can cater to the luxurious or the price-conscious buyer.

Fakes could be found easily online and off. They are everywhere, look the same, but only cost a fraction of the original. With fakes around, why do people still splurge amounts equal to year-end bonuses on single items like shoes or scarves? Right here, we show you why each luxury item is worth its salt and probably its weight in gold:

More Expensive Material Used
Durability, comfort and an air of exclusivity is part and parcel of luxury fashion design. Quality materials like leather and silk are usually found to keep the wearer warmer or keep comfortable. Sometimes, synthetic materials are created so that comfort, practicality and design are not compromised. Materials used are usually treated to be more durable. Merchandise from these high-end boutiques are usually made to last.

In rare cases, out-of-production materials like vintage laces are used. Some brands go all out to make their pieces unique. Japanese Lolita fashion store – Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, is known for using their own custom-made lace for their pieces.

Fits Better
The experts in fashion designs know how best to flatter the human form with fashion. Clothes are cut to fit like gloves, accentuate and play down areas to make you look good. There are many different physiques in the world and these fashion houses know how best to cater to their target markets.

For example, jeans from 7 For All Mankind are cut and made in a way that allows wearers to sit and squat without creating strange bunches.

Attention to Detail
– Some brands insist on hand-stitched tailoring for superior durability. Imagine the number of hours needed to hand-make a wedding dress!
– Unparallel design perfection.
– Professional creative direction is given to tackle a design challenge.
– Example: Leading luxury fashion house, Hermès, is known for summarizing complex art onto their silk scarves.

Artistic Value
Just like any other art piece or even gold, fashion has value too. Vintage designer wear can cost more than what you see in their brand stores now. Pieces, especially those which have been supervised by the original designer are worth a lot.

Swedish clothing company, H&M is popular for collaborations with famous designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Jimmy Choo and Lavin. Some opportunistic shoppers even buy clothes from these collections and sell them online at marked up prices.

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