Nail Art Painting

A painting, like a living being, is in constant interaction with its environment. Depending on the materials used to create it, it might react differently to various environmental factors. It is important to understand this interaction as it can help you preserve your masterpiece for years to come. Please consider using the following recommendations.

1. Do not enclose your painting in an air tight frame, especially if it was created recently. The canvas and the paint need to “breathe” to cure properly. The curing period can be quite lengthy depending on the type of paint used. Oil requires the longest curing period that can be from several months to several years. Enclosing the canvas under glass or any other airtight cover can interfere with the curing process and cause the painted surface to crack and warp.
2. Keep your painting away from direct exposure to sun, heat, steam, vibrations, direct air flow, and chemical agents. Nothing can ruin a painting as fast as a direct and consistent aggressive environment.
3. Do not let anything lean on the canvas surface or poke it on the reverse side. Very often a longer than necessary nail or fixture can do an irreparable damage to your artifact.
4. When transporting a painting even for short distances, lift it properly. When carrying your paintings, it is better to lift them from the outer edges instead of holding them by the top edge of the frame. It also important to protect corners with corrugated cardboard regardless of the mode of transportation.
5. When transporting your paintings, place them in corrugated or plastic boxes with protective layers of cloth in between. Make sure paintings do not rub against each other or the box surface. If the paintings are not stretched/framed and transported in one single tube, place thin plastic film between canvases to prevent sticking and color transfers.
6. Prevent others from touching painted surfaces with bare fingers. Nothing can ruin a painting as fast as multiple finger prints.
7. We recommend that you do not attempt stretching your canvas on your own. Find a professional stretcher shop or ask someone experienced to help you.

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