White Nail Art

Designing a guest room that has appeal and charm can be challenging. If the room is used for multiple purposes, it can be even more difficult. One great way to transform your guest room into a motif that will be versatile enough for any purpose the space is used for is to give it some country cottage style. There are some easy ways to accomplish this without a lot of expense or fuss.

White is Right
Start by painting the walls in a light but inviting color, such as pale buttery yellow, a blush of pink or a light watery blue. The ceiling, walls, baseboards and any decorative trim should be given a fresh coat of white paint. If you choose a paint that is also a primer, you will save yourself a step or two in the process.

The next step is to add some old-fashioned, white beadboard to the lower half of the walls. Beadboard comes in panels and can usually be installed quickly and without a lot of hassle. You will need a good level, as well as a hammer and nails. In addition to the beadboard panels, you will need trim that can be placed along the top edge of the beadboard panels and new baseboards if yours are uneven or worn. Simply measure the height that you desire for the panels and gently nail them in place. Be sure that each panel is level and that the lines are straight. Concern yourself more with the alignment of the main sections of each panel and less about the top and bottom edges, as they will be covered by the pieces of trim anyway.

The color white is key in creating a guest room with charming county cottage appeal. Bursts of pale pinks, yellows, and peaches can come in the form of accent pillows or throws, but keeping the main bedding and linens in a shade of white the complements the trim and beadboard, you will brighten the room and add a charming, relaxing ambiance.

Never underestimate the power of accessories in a guest room. In the country cottage guest room the space should have accents of pale colors that have the same undertones as the whites that are used. For example, if you choose a cool winter white for the walls, the accessories could be a cool blue or green. With a warmer white, the accent pieces might look better in shades of pink and peach. For a living display, add a single white daisy in a vase for a burst of yellow, but with no offending bright or harsh colors.

When you know what look you desire for your guest room, it can be easier to figure out how to accomplish it. Take the time to look at magazines and be inspired by other beadboard decorated guest rooms to get an idea of what you would like to do with your space.

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