Easy Nail Art For Kids

Never let slip how a magic trick is performed, that is part of the secrecy surrounding even an easy magic trick. Today there are lots of books and video clips on the Internet where you can find out how a magic trick is done. It would seem that this would kill off all magic – after all, to have magic tricks revealed by Googling them makes a magician of everyone, does it not?

Surprisingly, that’s when you, as an amateur magician, can astound and amaze your friends! Most of us have very little training in logical thinking, and are easily fooled. Almost against our will we all like to be deceived, if it is done in an entertaining manner. Remember, people are basically the same as they were a hundred years ago, or five hundred years ago. Just as Italians in Florence in 1677 were amazed by a street magician picking a rabbit out of a hat, so are we baffled when a street entertainer makes a card disappear.

Here’s a trick involving cards – a volunteer picks out a card and gives it to you. You do not look at it, but can still pick it out after the pack has been shuffled. Turn the cards over, and pick out the card they choose! The secret? Once they’ve picked a card, you take it from them – with the back to you – and press your thumb nail into the card at one corner. This will make an indentation in the card, easy for you to feel! Number one of two magic tricks revealed – simple? Yes. Effective? You bet!

Another simple, but stunningly effective trick is the “Ash Trick”. Have someone write the name of a person on piece of paper, burn the paper, rub the ashes into your arm and presto – the name appears! The secret?

The person writing the name is given a clip board with several papers on. The name they wrote will be faintly visible on the paper underneath, and with practice you will be able to read that quickly and secretly. You will learn to divert peoples attention, and quickly write the name with a small piece of soap on your arm. The ash will stick to the writing and the name appears “as if by magic”!

Two magic tricks revealed – basically very simple. Just remember, practice, practice and more practice! You must be able to perform without thinking about the trick!

To become a magician you can start by picking up these 7 easy and fast magic tricks here! There are other resources for you as well – Click here.

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