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Zoya is a brand of nail polish that is like no other. It is trendy, long lasting, and best of all natural. There is no fear that harsh and dangerous chemicals will be painted on your nails or inhaled into your lungs. Zoya is safe for children so there are no worries about having to tell your child that they cannot paint their nails.

Many nail polishes contain harsh chemicals that either help adhere the polish to your nails, stay on for a long time, or create that gorgeous shade of color that you love. Zoya is a vegan polish that does not have any toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor in it making it safe to wear. Zoya has been awarded the longest lasting natural nail polish by an independent panel in Women’s Health Magazine.

Zoya has over 300 colors to choose from and releases 4 seasonal collections of polish a year. Zoya is all about vivid saturated colors that will stay on your nails for a long time. Do not think though that these polishes are simple and boring. There are plenty of glitter infused polishes, matte, and duo chrome polishes to choose from.

When shopping for Zoya their nail polishes are arranged for easy search results. You can look up a polish by new collection, seasonal collection, by overall color ( ie. Red, blue, green, etc…), or by name. When the results for a color come up there is a brief description of the color, the color family it is part of, the shade ( it is a crème or a metallic), the intensity ( a scale of 1-5 with 1 being sheer and 5 being opaque ), the tone ( warm or cool ), and the collection it is part of. There are also user reviews for the color so you can get unbiased opinions on the polish. If you are unsure about a color you can purchase a color spoon for $.50 and you will get credit for the cost of the spoon when you make a purchase of a bottle of Zoya.

Do not be surprised to have a manicure stay chip free for at least a week and a pedicure look as good as it did the first day up to two weeks later. These polishes are meant to last a while so there is no frustration that the color will chip quickly. Most of the time you will change your Zoya manicure and pedicure due to boredom with a color rather than because of the fact that your nails are chipped.

There is a huge Facebook following for Zoya and they reward their followers frequently. Often they have highly discounted polishes and free gifts with purchase with a minimal purchase. Zoya really cares about their customers and encourages feedback and suggestions for names of their polishes. All Zoya polishes are named after women. There are common run of the mill names as well as those that are more exotic and original.

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