Digital Nail Art Machine

Do you have a Tanning Salon but feel increasingly concerned about the local competition and the subsequent dwindling customer base? It doesn’t seem to matter how
professional you are or how good your Salon is, it seems that price is King, and because your competitors do it cheaper – you are losing out.

Well, at the moment there is a new weapon, and this weapon is a Nail Art Machine, use it to fight back, by offering a service that your competitor doesn’t. You can make extra money from your customers and you can drag new ones in, who may want to use your other services aswell!

With the Nail care business being worth $6.85 billion in the United States according to ‘Nails Magazine’, but the nail art portion equates to only 3.5% of that. This small level is
due in part to the small number of nail technicians who engage in Nailart, probably because of its difficult and time consuming nature. The Nail Art business could be worth a substantial amount on its own, if more establishments offered this service.
You could tap into this growing market and provide a new and exciting proposition along side your Sunbeds and Spray Tanning. The machine does not take up a lot of room and the training is relatively easy, you just
need to undertake a manicure course and receive training for using the machine.

In no time at all, you could be gathering in a whole new set of clients and marketing a whole new business model. For very little outlay (compared to sunbeds and spray tanning), meaning you wouldn’t be
taking a high risk, but your return could be substantial. Take the risk now, you won’t know until you try, and see your salon return to the levels of profit that you once took for granted.

Robert Geoghegan, Operations director of Digi Printers ltdbased in the UK. An electrical engineer by trade, but happened upon nail art technology through his wifes beauty business. Now has an indepth knowledge of Digital Nail Art machines .

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