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The top beauty schools offer nail technology programs separate from those focused on cosmetology. In addition, they combine this track into their basic beauty curriculum. Hands-on training is combined with theory and lecture to prepare students for a career in the fast-growing field of nail technology. In nail technician courses, students learn the answers to questions ranging from basic to unique, preparing them to be knowledgeable working professionals.

One of the most common questions asked in a nail salon is whether manicures are hygienic. This was a question I had before enrolling in a nail technology program at beauty school. My mother had always told me to remove the polish from my finger and toenails so they could “breathe.” Not possessing any information to the contrary, I obeyed, which I now know was foolish. Polish on the nails can actually seal moisture in the nail, something that allows it to stay more healthy.

The truth is that getting a manicure on a regular basis encourages healthy growth of finger and toenails. The nails are handled in a manner that encourages healthy growth. In addition, the practice is hygienic because each state has safety and hygiene regulations with which a nail salon must comply. If a salon does not adhere to the regulations, it can face hefty fines or even be forced to close its doors. Establishments are subject to regular inspection and the certificate authorizing continued operations must be displayed.

During the manicuring process, the nails are cleaned and trimmed. Ridges are smoothed and if any discoloration or pitting is detected, the customer is advised to seek medical attention because it may be a symptom of a disease. This early detection made possible by having regular manicures can make all of the difference. After the trimming, women may choose to have their nails painted in one of the hottest designer shades.

In several of my nail technician courses, I learned how to identify issues with nails as well as how to properly moisturize, trim, and file them. Hygienic manicuring techniques were also taught, as were ways to improve the strength of nails and how to give paraffin treatments. By the time I graduated, I was well prepared to assume a role as a nail technician at a reputable local salon. With the knowledge gained in my beauty school classes, I have answers to even the most unusual questions regarding nails.

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