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Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental art (or museum of Khanenko) is the largest collection of foreign art in Ukraine. The museum was established at the initiative of the famous Ukrainian Bohdan Khanenko collector in 1919. Khanenko was known in Ukraine not only as the founder of the museum in its own name, but also as one of the founders of the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

The building itself the museum has a unique destiny. Built to order patron in 1887 the mansion was reconstructed several times and changed in order to fully comply with the wishes of the owner. Khanenko bequeathed his collection as a gift to the city of Kiev. For a long time, it was the basis of the museum’s collection and there were about 1200 pieces. During the existence of a collection of items has been irretrievably lost, some donated, some purchased. Nevertheless, today the number of exhibits in the museum of Khanenko is about 13 000 copies.

The museum opened a permanent exhibition, which represents about 2000 items. A unique combination of art from different countries and different eras puts the Museum of Western and Eastern art on a par with famous European museums.

And let the museum Honenko not as large as the Louvre or the Hermitage, but here you can find paintings that will bring respect and admiration of all a little bit closer to the world of human culture. The museum of Khanenko also has its own pearl – the picture of Diego Velazquez’s “Portrait of the Infanta Margarita.”

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