Water Marble Nail Art

Tapestry is a type of art work so it is important that you need to take proper care of it so it is preserved for many years. This will help preserving it such that it does not get damaged easily and can decorate your walls for many years. It is important that you should learn to display it perfectly. Try to make use of sleeves and rods to hang them on the wall. This is important so your art work can be hung on the wall much safely. When purchasing one always ensure that it has no creases, even if it has few creases then you can try and fix it using iron. You certainly don’t have to try and maintain them very often but you might have to vacuum it at least twice a year to get rid of the dust particles that get accumulated in the yarn.

You just have to keep in mind that tapestry should not be washed using soap and water or else it might ruin the art work and fabric. You can also seek the help of a professional dry cleaner who specializes in this task. After a few years, there are chances that tapestries might get curl or even bend due to weather conditions. One of the most effective ways to prevent it from curling is to try and place little amount of weights on its bottom corners. The weight much be placed evenly and should not be too heavy. You can also place a wooden rod at the top and bottom of the tapestry. This can be done well if there is a sleeve at the top and bottom.

Also ensure that the tapestry does not receive direct sun light as it might lose its natural colors. You can make use of tinted glass in your windows to cut the amount of sunlight coming inside the room. If you want that your art work should look a bit antique then you can try to tea stain it. But this is a task that should in fact be performed by experts only.

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