Flowers Nail Art

Nature is the best way to uplift our mood and make our day pleasant and successful. We all know the power of viewing fresh plants and flowers and how they influence our mind and lead to positive feelings and emotions of harmony. Looking at a good flower arrangement and smelling fresh flowers is a sure way to a successful day ahead.

Many offices nowadays are encouraging greenery and real flower arrangements in the lobby as well as individual cabins of the employees as well as employers. As we enter any office we are greeted with colourful display of flowers and their sweet fragrance. Our eye moves from colourful flowers to feeling the fragrance of them and we experience true bliss sitting near them or moving past them. In times of ecological imbalance and heat it is best to be near nature, and what better way to bring nature indoors, than to get freshly cut flowers in the office.

Feng shui has laid much importance on placement of fresh flowers as compared to silk or artificial flowers. Though artificial flowers are easy to maintain and require less care they can accumulate dust and fade away with time which is not considered good in Feng shui. The success in office and business is also linked with positive energy surrounding the area of the office and the cabin itself. The placement of cut flowers on the table of the business owner will attract clients and also heal relationships between employer and employees. The best placement place for any owner whether they are private business owner or professionals would be to place a vase on the side of their table. This will not only uplift the mood of the owner, it will also send out positive vibes to the customer who is sitting on the opposite side of the table.

If it is not possible to place flowers on the table due to some reason one can hang them on a nail or hook. Beautiful hanging baskets are available in the market which will allow you to place flowers and also keep your floor space clear. Care has to be taken to consider the client base while thinking of placing freshly cut flowers in the office. As in case where children are involved, like in case of a pediatrician, it is best to have hanging vases displayed on the walls rather than cleaning up the mess with every little patient!

The importance of nature does not end here. Whenever the owner is feeling down or is facing any problem or challenging situation he can get recharged by smelling the fresh flowers and just one glance is enough to uplift the mood and make it positive. Freshly cut flowers have to be put in a clear vase with water for preserving their freshness for a long time. It is very important to remove the dried flowers and replace them with fresh ones as dried flowers emit negative energy and are not considered good for the environment.

Many business dealers and restaurants have learned about the importance of displaying fresh flowers and hence we can see colourful arrangements of flowers everywhere, right from offices to hospitals and even car garages! Being near nature helps us to be grounded and since it is very important in Feng shui to be near earth, what best then to bring nature in our offices in way of freshly cut flowers!

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