Acrylic Nail Art Pictures

If you love the fun of doing crafts with your kids there are so many simple low cost things you can do. Simple things like cutting pictures from magazines and pasting them onto empty card board boxes such as shoe boxes to personalise them for keeping treasures in.

Quilling and other paper crafts may be used to create elaborate works by adults but they can often be simplified for the benefit of kids.

Dough craft can be great fun and there is simply no end to the things you can make, with a simple salt dough recipe (4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 ½ cups hot water) and some cookie cutters the kids can make assorted shapes which once baked can be decorated with paints and glitter. Of course you can make seasonal cookies depending on whether it’s Halloween or Christmas for instance.

Naturally if there’s a holiday season on the horizon you can help the kids make their own greeting cards. From the simplest folded card decorated with paints and glitter to more elaborate ones embellished with all sorts of stick on goodies from the craft store.

Painting eggs for Easter is always lots of fun, you can dye the eggs with food colouring or just paint them with acrylic paints, Don’t forget to hard boil them first. If you wrap rubber bands around the eggs in ways to form patterns before dying them, when you remove them from the dye and dry them remove the rubber bands to reveal a pattern where the dye didn’t take.

A great craft idea for the older kids is to punch holes in the sides of a used tin can to form patterns then you can use the can to hold a candle, they look great in the dark. If you can find the sort of can that came with a pull off plastic lid that means there wont be any dangerous sharp edges. You’ll also need a hammer a pin hammer should do, and a nail punch or similar tool to make the holes. You need to find a piece of wood to fit inside the can while punching the holes to stop the sides of the can from collapsing. If you can’t find a piece of wood, fill the can to about a half inch from the top with water and then put it in the freezer. When the can is full of ice punch your holes and then melt the ice.

If you need lots more great ideas for simple kids crafts to keep your family entertained go to Crafts For Kids

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