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Many Nail Techs are using Facebook now as a part of their overall marketing strategy and are doing it quite effectively. There are however still many that are just not quite there yet in regards to using this social media platform correctly and for their best results.

I want to give you some do’s and dont’s and help you to get the most out of this fantastic tool.

Facebook can be a real asset for your Nail Salon business. You can connect with your clients easily and for free, you can connect with new clients and you can also use it to advertise available booking times,weekly specials or new services. If you are new to Facebook as a marketing tool, here are some points to remember when setting up your Nail Salon business page:

The name is important and ideally should be the name of your salon! However, try not to make it too long(with added extras apart from the salon name) as it gets hard to remember.

When you are filling in your information section, write as much as you can about your salon, the services you provide, anything you specialize in and maybe even some words from happy clients?

Make the access to your salon information easy, for instance your contact details, appointment times, email and address are important elements

Include a tab for salon services/menu. Some people add this to the information area which is ok also but I think a whole tab (page) for the prices/services looks better

Include lots of photos of the work you do especially the unique services you provide.

Have your salon logo on the page to match all of your other advertising material for eg if you have a website too. If you cannot get the logo to fit in the banner/side area you will have to change the size either by doing that yourself or getting professional help with that.(shouldn’t cost a lot and there are many services/companies that do Facebook branding now. Look around though as some are still a little over the top price wise)

As soon as you have 25 likes on your page, get your Vanity URL. This allows you to have an address for use on other marketing for instance your website and advertising materials such as fliers and business cards. An address with – salon- name looks a lot better than the long one with numbers etc that you see before you get the url!

I would also like to give you some points here on what not to do/say and what would be advantageous to do/say!


1. Interact with your clients and friends positively.

2. Advertise specials

3. Advertise vacant appointment times

4. Advertise new services/products to your nail salon

5. Show images of nail designs, nail art and results your clients have received at your nail salon

6. Survey/ask questions of your clients as to what they would like to see introduced to your nail salon or what they find the best thing is about the salon etc.

7. Show a human side and let your personality shine through to all who see. Your clients already know you to be the wonderful person you are but new clients need to see and feel that energy through the page.

8. Add some interest with advice on nailcare or tips on how to’s with the other services you provide.


1. Use your business page as a venting ground! If you want to complain about clients being late/not showing up/nastiness/gossip/hassles at home etc etc, please do it either on your personal page or private message another nail tech for support and understanding! I totally know how it feels by the end of some days after 10 – 12 hours in the salon! If you want to let some emotion loose, do yourself a huge favour and dont do it on your business page!

2. Discuss too much about personal life and people etc. Do discuss events that have been special and have been great at the weekend etc because that will make you more human and your clients will join in on the joy and positivity!

3. Set up the page and forget about it. You need to be on there for at least 30 minutes once or twice a week to comment and make posts. This is a way to connect with more people who are your ideal clients and for many, this is the way they will find out about you.

4. Get involved with any negativity or bad mouthing etc that other people may begin in a comment thread. If it is bad, delete the post. If you add fuel to the fire sometimes things gets worse. If someone is upsetting you through your business page, call them or email them to sort it out.

Your Nail Salon business needs many different marketing strategies, many of which I cover in the Gloss System Home Study Course. This is just one of them and if used correctly can be a major contributor of new clients to your salon.

I hope this has given you some fresh ideas and if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you!

Trish Rock -THE NAIL SALON SUCCESS COACH- has been in the Nail Industry for over 30 years with numerous successful salons, awards and training experience. She is now dedicated to the success of other Nail Technicians by empowering them with a strength of mind, educating them in areas of business and showing strategies for success and longevity in the industry.

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