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Baby doll dresses were not always seen as something for the bedroom, and were typically worn during the day. However, today they are often seen, and worn at night time or in the bedroom as they are thought to be very sexy. You can find the baby doll in several different styles, designs, and colors, with a huge array of different accessories. Bows, ribbons, faux fur, and lace are all commonly seen on the baby doll.

The baby doll was first seen in the movies in 1956, and was the chosen outfit for a 19 year old virgin in the movie by the same name. It soon became a must have piece of lingerie that everyone wanted, and decided to wear to bed. Although they became popular during this time they were in fact first seen in the 1940s when very similar styles were worn with bed capes. However, as the years went on the design was changed to adapt a daytime range, and the baby doll was very popular with the younger generations.

The overall design of the dress is very similar to the original style, and the length is practically the same. The concept of the baby doll dress for the bedroom is that it seductively falls off the shoulders, and is laced at the front for easy opening. With petite spaghetti straps, and the usual sheer, or see through design, they do not leave a great deal to the imagination. Many men choose to purchase these dresses for their partners as they are incredibly sexy for both parties.

The name ‘baby doll’ was chosen due to the very similar design of a baby doll’s dress that barely reaches their buttocks allowing a great deal to be showing. This very sexual design encouraged excitement in the bedroom, and many fantasizes were created. The design of the lingerie helps to enhance your legs, and buttocks and for modesty reasons they can be bought with panties.

No matter what design and style you choose you will be delighted with the overall effect, and they can help many couples rekindle their sex lives. Although there are some great new designs, colors, and prints some lingerie boutiques focus on the older 1940 styles. These have come back into fashion, and many women are choosing them over other designs. This iconic piece of clothing has helped to shape the fashion industry, and reflects the different styles throughout the years.

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