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Door hangers can be incorporated into almost any company’s marketing campaign. Instead of just relying on flyers, postcards and booklets to promote your business, try a different approach. Door hangers are a popular way to turn heads and get people to notice new products, hot sales and important campaigns. There is one standard size, but countless ways to present your promotions on these custom hangers, and there’s definitely some things you should avoid.

If you put in a little effort and marketing expertise, you can have your custom printing done in no time. There are many ways to make your door hangers really stand out, but here’s what not to do when it comes time to designing your collateral:

Don’t clutter the content:

Just because you have a lot to say, doesn’t mean you should try to cram it all in to your door hangers. Customers usually don’t like to read a big block of text, so give it to them a little bit at a time. The more you can say with as few words as possible, the more effective your door hangers will be.

Don’t forget about the visuals:

People seem to absorb information better when there are pictures to accompany them. Some marketing departments are so invested into the message they are trying to send, they forget about the clever components that go along with it. Logos, accent designs, imagery, art, photos and other visuals can really spruce up the layout of your door hangers.

Don’t neglect other functions:

These little marketing materials can do much more than just say something, so don’t forget about that. With perforation and die cutting, you can add coupons to the bottom, turn it into a helpful takeout menu, or attach a contact card to it. Any out-of-the-box function you can add to your door hangers will only add more interest to your campaign, so if you have an idea, you should go for it!

Don’t forget about the basics:

No matter how outlandish you want your promotion to appear to be, don’t overlook the essential information you must always include. If you think your contact info (phone number, address and website) is too boring to include, put it on the back in small font at the bottom, but no matter what, it should be there. So should your business name (it sounds ridiculous but it has been done without before) and your social media contacts.

Take this advice about what to avoid when it comes to creating door hangers, and your designs will make a statement. If you really want to push the envelope with better results and faster delivery, check out custom online printing.

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