Nail Art Stickers Decals

Ids are our lives and we want to do everything to make them happy. Playing and sleeping in a fairytale room makes children happy. Kids wall stickers can be a huge help on making your kid feel like he is a fearless captain of a spaceship or she is a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle. Wall decals today are made of quality materials that won’t stick on your wall forever and can easily be removed and sometimes even reused. Stickers are also a rather inexpensive and very easy to install.

Here are some easy instructions for installing kids wall stickers:

1. First prepare the area – clean it from all dust and make sure the surface is even and smooth.
2. Apply a transfer tape carefully to the sticker image. Use a credit card to scrub out all the bubbles.
3. Very slowly peel the back sheet off so that all of the image is now on the transfer tape.
4. Take the transfer tape and place it tightly to the area where you want your kids wall stickers to be.
5. Now take the credit card again and use it for rubbing the tape from the center towards the end, until it sits tightly on the wall and there are no bubbles.
6. Gently remove the tape from the wall.
7. If there should be any bubbles on the sticker, use a pin or a needle to pierce them and make the surface of your kids wall stickers smooth.

Kids tend to grow up quickly. In a few years your son will like race cars more than space adventures and your daughter is ashamed of her “baby” stickers. Now is the time to remove or replace those kids wall stickers. Removing them is just as easy as installing them.

The most important thing is to take it slow. Don’t try to rip, tear or bull the kids wall stickers off the wall. Instead try to pull it very gently from one corner and roll it off. If that doesn’t work use a hairdryer to melt the glue from behind the sticker. If there is any residue left, use a nail polish to clean the wall. Some kids wall stickers are reusable, if yours is like that as well, you can store it on a piece of smooth and slippery paper, for example the grease-proof paper you use for baking.

Now when you know how to install, remove and store kids wall stickers, it’s time to buy some for your children.

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