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One of the most popular options for nail technicians is to work within a salon environment. By working in a salon you have guaranteed weekly or monthly pay, you don’t have to advertise yourself and you could also have paid training opportunities as time progresses. As the nail industry grows there is more of a demand now for qualified technicians. This means that if you have just completed a qualification in nail design and nail care then you should not find it too difficult to get a job within a local salon.

Qualifications and Experience

All salons will require you to have some form of qualification. It would be good if you had an NVQ, but typically any qualification that you have gained regarding nail care and design should be accepted. You should check with local authorities to see if you need a license to work in your chosen area. If you do and you have just completed a college course in that area then really you should already have a license as the college would have included it in their qualifications.

Some salons also require you to have a little experience. If you have only just come out of education then you won’t have any experience and so you could get passed over for a more qualified candidate. However, if you are asked to attend an interview then you may be asked to do a trade test. This is basically a test to show the interviewer what skills you have. So you will be asked to perform various treatments as you would with a client. This will be done mainly to candidates who do not possess any experience within the field.

Is it the Right Option for You?

If you have the right qualifications then the next thing you need to figure out is whether salon work is for you or not. On the plus side you don’t have to advertise your services or worry about your monthly income. However, on the other hand you will not have much flexibility and sometimes the pay is only the very basic rate. This is because in many salons you work on a commission basis.

Overall working in a salon can provide you with opportunities that you might not get at home. You could be presented with training opportunities as the nail industry grows. It will also give you more experience if you have just finished your education. With this new experience it will give you the option to start up your own business if you wanted to sometime in the future.

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