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Pamper parties are generally beauty salon style events, ideal for girls from the ages of 6 to 16. When you plan a pamper party for your daughter’s birthday, she and the guests can be treated to any kind of luxury make over that they desire, which in most cases includes hair styling, facials, foot spas and nail art. You can keep this party at home, so this will eliminate transportation cost to get to a salon. As a result these celebrations are very popular with many young girls nowadays.

Themed Party

These days, young girls are no longer fascinated with traditional parties. For this reason, many providers have put a unique twist on the traditional celebration such as adding special themes to make them even more appealing. Some of the themes more appealing to girls include Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and High School Musical. During a themed celebration the providers of girls parties in Hertfordshire will accentuate your venue using various themed accessories, plus they will also include competitions and games for everyone.

Pop Star Party

One of the latest craze for girls parties in Hertfordshire is the Pop Star events. At this type of party, the birthday girl and her friends is going to be spoilt and will feel just like a pop star for one day. This event can start off with them walking down the red carpet and also savoring cocktails at the reception. After that, they will get a chance to record their favorite pop song using a genuine professional recording studio. When the party ends everyone will get their personalized CDs.

Limousine Party

You cannot find a better way to ensure that your daughter really feel special on your birthday, than to organize a limousine party. This party will generally start from home where the birthday girls and all her guests are going to be collected in a limousine. After that, they will get to ride around while enjoying cocktails, listening to music or playing video games. The limousine will also take them to a restaurant of their choice to end the day with a nice meal before riding home in luxury.

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