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Part 2 – Ink Stains on Leather

As covered in part 1 of this article, one of the biggest nightmares on expensive leather furniture, shoes or jackets is ink stains. In fact it is one of the most common leather care questions on the internet.

Before attempting any of the below suggestions, it is strongly recommended that you try the milder and less aggressive remedies offered in Part 1 of this article.

Disclaimer: As we are unable to supervise your application of these tips, no responsibility is taken for their use.


If you have acetone-free nail polish remover you may want to try this method. Rub a small amount over the stain with a soft cloth. You should see the stain disappear almost instantly. Test on the back of the leather chair or inside of the leather jacket first. Once the stain is gotten clean any traces of the nail polish remover with a leather cleaner. A combined leather cleaner and conditioner (such as Urad or Leather Mate) will also help return any moisture to the leather lost in the cleaning process. This method has been used to successfully remove green ink from a leather sofa.


Don’t use hairspray to remove ink stains if you can avoid it. It will sometimes work but you run the risk of damaging your leather with the other chemicals the hairspray contains. The ingredient that is doing the work in hairspray is the alcohol. So it is safer to use plain alcohol as covered in Part 1 of this article in an earlier tip. This method has however been used successfully to remove ball point pen ink from a white leather chair, so it is included here for your information.


Any leather cleaning done should generally be followed by the quick application of a quality leather conditioning cream. See the below link for suggested products that fit this category.

See Part 1 of this article for more tips and ideas.

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