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I would like to share with you my advice involving the important subject of BUSINESS CARDS.

It is vital to make it part of your weekly marketing routine to hand out as many business cards as possible. New clients will come, not always straight away and not always as a direct result of you handing a card to someone, but they will come.

What is a business card, how do you use them effectively and what do you have printed on them?

A Business Card is your best marketing tool. It is easily distributed, lasts a long time in the hands of some people and will travel without you even knowing it!

Using business cards effectively involves handing them out on a massive scale. I would recommend at least 10 per day but 100 per week would be ideal! Remember that it is all in the numbers. You will get approximately 3 clients out of every 10 people who hand a card to. So it makes sense to hand them out massively, wherever and whenever you can!

Hand them out at the supermarket, the childcare center, the petrol station, the hairdressers, anywhere you go during the day! Get a conversation started and don’t leave until they have your card. The person you hand it too may not become a nail client but you just never know where it will end up!

Your business card is prime real estate for information so it needs to show and say what you do! I would suggest you have 3 different types printed;

1. Appointment cards- with appointment time the back
2. Referral cards-with your referral system on the back
3. New prospect cards-which has WHAT YOU DO on the back:

On the back of your cards, make sure there is a few lines in point form stating what you specialize in at your Nail Salon, for instance ‘Award winning Nail Art!, “Manicures are our specialty!, French nails are our favourite!” This will let the prospective client know exactly what you do, why they should go to see YOU and what they will expect when there. A valuable tool for your marketing campaign.

While this only makes up a small part of your entire marketing and promotional tools, I feel it is a vital part. I hope you will start using your cards as advertising and you will see fast and long lasting results in your Nail Salon business!

To your success!


Trish Rock has been in the Nail Industry for over 28 years with numerous successful salons, Nail Industry awards and training experience. She is now passionate about the success of Nail Technicians and shows them how to attract More Clients, More Profits and More YOU! Training and teaching Nail Technicians not only the best business practices but the personal values and mindset that go with them to make a highly successful business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com


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