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The french manicure represents elegance and provides an easy-to-do, clean style. It is also a style that never looks out of place, whether you’re going for a fancy dinner at a members only restaurant, or out for a burger at the local McDonald’s. Even though it has been around forever, it’s a manicure style that never has faded from popularity and likely never will.

A Style Made In More Simple Times

Nobody really knows exactly when this technique came into existence. Unfortunately, the original creator will never get full credit for their creation, but it’s history has been traced back to nail salons in France sometime in the 1800’s.

Fast-forward to turn of the century Hollywood, movies stars where seen wearing the french manicure in the movies of the 1920’s. This is the earliest time in American history where the style was first seen, but it has continued increasing in popularity up until modern times.

Simplicity To Suit Everyone

The tips of either the fingernails or toe nails are brushed with a white, or off-white nail polish and the remainder of the nail is colored with a fleshy pink, or sometimes beige color. Countless variations are constantly being created and used either with different color variations. The cost to have a french manicure done at your local nail salon is often slightly higher than a typical manicure and polish, but many regular visits to the same salon may net you a reduced price.

Do Your Own At Home

Many women choose to do the manicure at home by themselves. All you need is your preferable shade of white polish for the tips, a stencil to create the line between the white portion of the nail, pink or beige for the rest of the nail and a clear coat to top it all off. While the technique can take some time to perfect, it’s certainly worth the effort to look stylish like our Hollywood celebrities.

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