Easy To Do Nail Art

Why spend your hard earned money on something that you can easily do yourself? Home manicures are easier than you think, can save you money for indulging in other types of “treats”, and give you the satisfaction of being able to say that you did it by yourself. So set aside some time and lets get started manicuring those nails!

A home manicure ought to be a weekly procedure. Here are your manicure instructions, so read them carefully before you start to ensure you have all the necessary supplies close at hand.

Begin by getting rid of any previous nail polish. Hold a cotton pad dampened with polish remover against the nail for a couple of seconds; and then rub from the base of the nail towards the tip. Apply a separate piece of cotton for each nail.

Next, file each nail with an emery board on a slant, just below the nail, file from sides to middle in one direction only.

To soften cuticles for the manicuring operation, immerse your fingertips for 5 minutes in warm, soapy water. Then applying the dull end of an orangewood stick dipped in cuticle remover, lightly push back the cuticle. Clip hangnails with a small pair of scissors.

Carry on your home manicure by scrubbing the nails with a nailbrush and warm soapy water. Clean below the nails with an orangewood stick wrapped up in wet cotton.

To put on polish, first rub your nails with remover and make certain they are dry and free of soap. Spread out one hand flat on the table. With the other, apply one thin coating of colorless polish. Brush from the base of the nail towards the tip, start down the middle, then down each side. Allow the polish to dry between coatings. Then put on two thin coats of color. With a tissue, get rid of the hairline of polish from the top side of each nail. Lastly, apply a colorless sealing coat all over the nail and beneath the tip.

Congratulations, you have finished your home manicure! Now sit back and admire the great job you did manicuring your nails.

It may come to no surprise that the procedure for a manicure & pedicure (toenails) are nearly identical, other than soaking and scrubbing any dead skin or calluses off your feet. So doing a home pedicure is also easy if you simply follow the above directions. So go ahead and “treat your feet”!

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