Painted Nail Art

Hair Styling

Although there are no absolute rules when choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, your ‘total bridal look’ needs to be taken into consideration as everything should be balanced. For example, if your gown is simple, formal, traditional etc, your hair should match it in style. Ultimately though, it will depend on your personal preferences and should reflect your own personal style.

Other things to take into consideration are whether you will be wearing a veil or flowers in your hair, as well as whether your ceremony will be held during the day or night, inside or outside and how long you need the style to last. All of these will have an impact to some extent on the most suitable hairstyle for your wedding day.

Also, be sure to consult your stylist well in advance with your choice of hair style because, There are some hairstyles which need prior hair treatment and thus needs preparation well in advance.


The basic rule with wedding make-up is that it should never be too heavy. When you are standing in a hot mandap, under thousands of watts of hot lights, you don’t want to be sweating down smears of make-up.

The make-up colors should complement your wedding gown and your accessories. Ultimately though, as with choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, the makeup style you choose will depend on your preferences and your own personal style.

Other things to take into consideration are whether your ceremony will be held during the day or at night and whether the ceremony and photos will be held inside or outside, since the lighting needs to be taken into consideration when applying make-up.

Also make sure you are matching makeup with your partner, because makeup that is too loud or too soft by either one can be a turn off.

Nail Treatments

Without a doubt every guest at your wedding will ask to see your ring and in doing so, will notice the condition of your hands and nails. Your hands and nails will also be captured forever in your wedding photos and video. With this in mind, it is important that on your wedding day, your hands and nails look just as gorgeous as your ring, And if you are planning a summer wedding, your feet will also be on show to everyone, especially in sandals.

There is a huge variety of nail treatments available such as luxurious manicures, marine inspired pedicures, sculpted acrylic nails, organic overlays and wedding nail art, wherein each one of your nails is individually painted by a skilled nail technician.

To ensure that your hands, feet and nails are their best shape for your big day, you should consider having a manicure and pedicure weekly, for 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding.

Other Beauty Treatments

Every bride wants to look and feel like a million dollars on her wedding day. Beauty salons offer many and varied treatments to enhance your natural beauty, bringing out your best and improving on the rest. So, why not indulge yourself and luxuriate in these beauty treatments.

All the best on your wedding and wish you a wonderful married life ahead. is an online wedding planner website

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