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Gift baskets are gifts sent to the beneficiary at their workplace or home. All occasion gift baskets are available in the market and they might include canned or dry foods like jams, chocolates, wine or quality cheese; or they may contain both dried goods and fruits. The basic idea behind these baskets is giving somebody a number of smaller gifts rather than a big one. These small things are placed inside a basket and wrapped entirely with colored cellophane.

Baskets have constantly played significant roles in history. During the Biblical era, the mother of Moses hid him in a basket made of wicker and placed among the reeds of the Nile riverbank. Paul, the apostle, escaped from danger in Damascus by using a basket lowered down from the city walls after he accepted Christianity. Prior to the use of plastic or paper bags, baskets were the main means of transporting goods. They were indispensable items in the past and has remained so today, although, their purpose have changed.

The popularity of baskets has changed from being used to transport goods to becoming a gift, a perfect way of expressing feelings and appreciation in any occasion. All occasion gift baskets are becoming the trend for offerings, presents or incentives. Most often, gift baskets are themed. These may be generic or personalized based on the interest or needs of the recipient. Either way, the idea is to let the recipients enjoy them. It may contain pens, papers, books for those who love to write or lipsticks, nail polish, eye shadows and hair highlights for the make-up aficionado. Do take note that these baskets need not automatically be full of edible goods.

Aside from individuals, companies are also into baskets. A personalized basket arranged by a professional could really impress that very important client, an excellent way of starting or clinching a business deal with them. A show of appreciation to the staff with a beautifully wrapped gift baskets can be enormously treasured especially during holidays.

Basically, there are three kinds of baskets given as gifts. One of them is the Pre-made type wherein the baskets are filled with generic goods inside and wrapped up, ready for purchase. This is the easiest way of giving gifts.

Another type is the Created-in-Store. A number of mortar and brick stores and online shops permit the individual to choose items that will be included inside the basket. A member of the staff will then arrange and package them. This would give the basket a more personal touch but with a professional appearance.

The Homemade type is the most personal gift one can offer. The contents are chosen and bought by the giver and wrapped personally. It may not have the crisp and professional look one might see in the Created-In-Store kind, but it is the thought that matters.

A great advantage for this type of gift is that nearly all stores who provide these services would offer free delivery. Nobody can resist opening the door and finding a bountiful and beautiful basket on the steps. It would be very wonderful!

All occasion gift baskets are unique ways of showing appreciation or sharing something nice to a best friend, a new neighbor, a loyal client or the hard-working employee. These are convenient and fun choices.

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