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No one can resist a pretty face and a sexy body. There is something about beauty that appeals to everyone. Many people say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a person by her looks. However, it is hard to disagree with another statement that says that it is easier to get to know and like someone, when the exterior is beautiful.

Harsh as this may sound, we are all partial to a pretty face. Although this is very unfair to those who are not born with the right looks, the whole of society operates much in the same way.

It is no surprise therefore that women will do absolutely anything to be considered beautiful within the standards set upon by the rest of the world. This is particularly true when one already wants to find her lifetime partner and get married.

Some of the things that women will do are the following: scout tons of magazines to be fashionably up to date, or even hire a personal stylist; go through the most ridiculous diet regimens to stay slim; religiously exercise to tone bodies; and spend lots of money on hair and make-up.

Other outrageous deeds would involve surgical procedures and treatments that enhance one’s assets. This may involve dangerous medical operations to tweak minor details in the face, or take away flab in certain areas of the body. No pain, no gain they say. Beauty is priceless and must be achieved no matter the cost. But sometimes we wonder what true beauty really is. If one is to fall in love with beauty, it should be the kind of beauty that comes from within. Superficial enhancements therefore, are useless if we talk about real love.

Besides, there have been thousands of cases wherein these invasive procedures produce distorted results, such as burning and scarring of skin. Unfortunately, even death may occur from it, leading people to really question themselves if exterior beauty is all we ever search for.

Although it is understandable that we all want to look picture perfect, especially for women on their wedding days, a decadent and elegant bridal gown together with the right internal values can shine through whatever situation. Outside beauty can fade after many years, but a wonderful personality will always stay with you.

With the real reasons of love and companionship, any wedding day is bound to become memorable whether you are walking down the aisle with the World’s Most Beautiful Model, or with just your simple partner whom you truly love.

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