Nail Art Display

So, you have found the pictures that you want to reflect the ambiance of your home or office. Now you are ready to hang your art. While hanging your art may seem simple, you want to display it in the best way. Because every room and wall in your home or office is different, there are no hard and fast rules. However, by applying the following guidelines, you can achieve the best positioning and reduce the number of nail holes in your walls.

First, consider the space where you are hanging your art. A large piece of art will look cramped on a small wall, where a small piece of art will be lost on a large wall. For a narrow vertical wall, a vertical piece of art will show best and compliment the architecture. If you are faced with an oddly shaped wall, a grouping of smaller art pieces will look best.

When the artist created the piece of art, there is a focal point that your eye should naturally flow to. This is usually the center of the piece of art, as measured vertically. If you are using a grouping of art pieces, the focal point is the center of the grouping. The focal point; center measured vertically, should be at eye level. But, what is eye level? Some people will give exact height levels based on averages; but, we recommend you go with the eye level of the owner. You will view the work more often than anyone and it should be most pleasing to you. Keep in mind your art piece needs its space to show its best. If you have a portrait piece, by placing the head too close to the ceiling will feel wrong, An exceptionally large piece of art, may need subtle adjustments to be spaced right. However, don’t over analyze, your eye is usually right.

Next, prepare your piece of art. If it does not have a hanging wire on the back, add one. You can get picture hanging kits including wire and picture hooks, inexpensively at almost any hardware or building supply store. Usually two hooks will provide better support for your piece of art and keep it in place so that you are not constantly readjusting to level it.

To place your hooks in the wall, first measure from the floor to the eye level height you wish the focal point to be at. Make a pencil mark in the wall at this height. Then measure up to where the hanging wire will be and again make a mark. With a level, move out the center mark each way to measure 1/2 to 2/3’s of the picture’s width and mark where you will place your hanging hooks. Nail or screw your hooks into the wall and hang your picture. Your done. Hang your picture and sit back and enjoy it!

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