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When applying mineral make up applications, eight brushes will ensure even coverage and leave your appearance simply glowing. The basic application appliance set for use with mineral makeup powders are brushes for blush and Light Coverage, Kabuki and Taklon brushes, angled and contour brushes, and lip and shadow brushes. Each of these makeup tools has a distinct appearance, which does make them fun to use.

Large areas of the face where blusher is applied can be beautified with a few strokes of a soft and supple lip appliance applicator. The blush applicators feature a tapered shape that can apply blusher to large areas of the face with one or several strokes. An angled brush has a blunt cut on the end of the bristles and is perfect for blush use. A flat top buffer can also be used to apply blush and bronzers. The contour brush provides users with the ability to apply defining lines of color to the cheekbones.

The lip appliances are easily identifiable by the size of the utensil. This tool features a tapered shape which is handy for dotting mineral lip colors on the lips. It has the capacity of making lips look plump, sensual, and very desirable. The Kabuki brush provides the most coverage. It is designed to apply mineral makeup such as pressed minerals, blending cream, gel, or liquid foundation.

As a versatile tool, the Kabuk provides smooth and even coverage to the largest areas of the face. Utensils like the Taklon and Wonder Cover are used for concealing blemishes. The Light Coverage applicator can be used for lighter applications of foundation. The shadowing tool is used to apply color to the eyelids.

Using mineral make up brushes every day to apply mineral makeup is the primary key to achieving a flawless and finished look. These eight brushes will help do the job right, every time.

It’s also the product most patients ask about,” says Kathryn Frew, MD, a dermatologist at Juva Skin and Laser Center and MediSpa in New York City. Many dermatologists report that because mineral makeup frequently eliminates classic “irritants” – like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives — it is considered “purer” and can be kinder to the skin. She adds that because titanium dioxide [and zinc oxide] have anti-inflammatory properties, certain mineral makeups can also have a calming effect on the skin, particularly important if you suffer from inflammatory problems such as rosacea or acne.

Tyler Hansen – health and beauty expert

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