Nail Polish For Nail Art

Fashion is becoming a statement by itself in today’s world. Gone are the days when a formal degree in arts, commerce or science field was considered worthwhile while all the others were taken as a waste of time. With changing time the mindset of people has also taken a complete 360 degrees turn and today as a result of it many are trying their luck in various other industries. According to the statistics 3 out of every 10 individual today is choosing a career in the fashion field. Fashion industry has become a boon for many young minds who have always wanted to showcase their talents and creativity to the world around them.

As it is a known fact that the fashion industry is continuing to grow, there is requirement for more and more talented and creative young minds with formal education and specialization in any of the streams such as fashion designing, textile designing, jewellery designing, merchandising, fashion co-ordination etc….. So to carve a niche for oneself in the fashion industry it is always advisable to own either a bachelors degree or a master’s degree in fashion technology (than to just go by your talent without any formal training).

Opportunities in the fashion industry are:

Fashion designers need to be artistic and creative. They must be able to study the market trends and accordingly develop the design keeping the clients requirements in mind. It’s a complete work done, right from conceiving the idea of particular apparel, to visualizing its color tones, then translating the ideas into sketches and then finally coming out with the product i.e. designer apparel that appeals the client. The personal attributes required are having a keen sense of color combination, finding inspiration from anything and everything (it might include a shell, a wave, a leaf, or a scenic beauty etc…..) and then blending those inspirations and ideas to get the final product.

Fashion stylists have to bring together a complete wardrobe for the fashion programs to promote the clothing line of any particular brand or store. In other words they need to take care of the entire set right from apparel, accessories, hairdo of the models, their make up in accordance with the designer wear and so on. A fashion stylist should be well versed with the current market trends; he/she should be able to take care of every micro minute detail into consideration, these may include lipstick color, nail polish color of the models, their hair clips every minute thing should be in accordance with the overall theme of the program.

Fashion marketers/merchandisers have to take care of the marketing part of it. Their work involves having a thorough knowledge of what’s in vogue and as well as predicting what could capture the audience attention in the future. In other words what could be the next fashion mantra? Once this is done they need to analyze the past and current sales data of their client and accordingly come up with an advertising strategy. This career also includes visual merchandising in which the individual is responsible for creating an impressive window display for the store which would in turn boost up their sales.

Apart from these common career opportunities you can also get into textile designing or jewellery designing by specializing in that particular stream. At the end of it all, a combination of creativity, innovation and formal education can help an individual get the fame he/she wants to obtain in the fashion industry.

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