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Most women want long, beautiful nails, but the rigors of everyday life, like taking care of the kids and household chores, prevent them having them for long. If you are a very busy woman, who wants long and well-shaped ones, then consider getting artificial nails. There are numerous types to suit every woman’s taste and style. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. Not only do artificial nails look very good, they are well groomed every day, you also do not have to wait so long before they grow.

Most career women do not have the time to sit while manicurists file away their for a pedicure on a manicure table. Going to the salon can be a long process. After cleaning them, a woman has to search through the nail polish rack to choose her preferred color. Little kids who want to imitate grown women just put stickers on their nails.

Types of Artificial Nails

· Acrylic. Acrylic false nails are the most used. These can be glued on to the natural nail plate. These are made of monomer, which is a liquid acrylic product, and polymer that is a powdered acrylic product. Most women prefer this because of their durability. Applying and removing this type of fake nail art takes a lot of practice. It is better to go to a professional manicurist for this. These require a lot of maintenance; the nails should be filled in every two to three weeks as the nails grow.
· Wrap. These usually include pieces of silk, fiberglass, linen or paper that are cut and glued to a woman’s natural nails. These look very natural because they are thin and smooth. Fiberglass is used by most salons because of its durability. The fact remains, however, that all types of wrap nails as not as durable as the other types. This is also inappropriate for women who have active lifestyles.
· Solar. These are very similar to acrylic nails but they use a different product. Solar nails often look like French manicure false nails.
· Gel. These are usually made of gel acrylic. This is suitable for women who want to achieve a natural look. The manicurist applies acrylic gel over the natural nail plate and cures the gel with ultraviolet light. There are two types of gel nails; one using light and another that does not. Both types can be shaped and styled to suit a customer’s needs. These nails are also quite difficult to remove. They must be grown out and filled down for removal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Fake Nails


· Customizable to suit the taste of every women
· Prevents nail biting
· Last long and durable
· Able to cover up short and brittle natural nails
· Come in a variety of colors
· Has a polish which lasts much longer


· May have chemicals which can cause allergic reactions
· May damage natural nails if not applied properly
· May cause fungal or bacterial infection
· Can be very expensive to maintain
· Cannot be removed by chemicals

How to Take Care of Fake Nails

Fake nails, including false tips, need a lot of care and attention. Follow the tips below to keep them in the best shape possible.

· Wear gloves when doing household work. If you work in the garden or your hands are in water most of the time, then wear gloves to protect your nail enhancements. Fake nails, especially false nails tips get broken easily.
· Do not take nail enhancements yourself. If you want enhancements taken off, let the professionals do it for you. If you do it yourself then the nails might get damaged in the process and that is something you would not want to happen.
· Do not use the enhancements or your naturals as tools. Most people use their nails to open jars or cans. Treat them as precious jewels instead. Use the proper tools when working around the house.
· Do not glue lifted enhancements. If one of the enhancements lifts, do not glue it back onto your nail. This could create potential problems. Make an appointment with the manicurist to repair the damage.

If you want to have long beautiful nails, then natural ones needs great upkeep. Choosing false nails can provide you the security and safety with the aesthetic quality enhanced with the proper colors from your nail polish rack. Finding the right one is important to get the best effect for you.

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