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Here are some tips for makeup application in 5 minutes or less. Be ready to go and look great in no time at all.

Sunblock is a must, so this is one of those tips for makeup application that makes the most sense, this is a step we do not want to forget! Apply sun block to prevent sun damage, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging we just should not want to deal with because we skipped this step.

Put a small amount of foundation on the back of your clean hands. With your foundation sponge or brush, dab a small amount on your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Blend out, using downward strokes and ensure entire face is covered.

You do not need powder, but I know some women will simply not skip this step. A real quick application of powder will not take so much time anyway and powder always makes your face look like it took some time to get your perfect look:)

Before accentuating your eyes with color, comb your eyebrows. Apply your chosen eyeliner color to the top and bottom lash line. Using the same color of eye shadow as your eyeliner, lightly go over your eyeliner lines with your eye shadow.

You can than add some color to your cheeks and lips quickly using your lipstick. Dab 2 – 3 dots under your cheek bones and blend these dots really well to give your cheeks some color. Wipe off your lipstick with tissue paper and apply a small amount to your lips and add a bit of gloss for a healthy shine.

Finish off your look with black mascara.

Using these quick tips for makeup application will save you time when you must get moving and out the door quickly. Learn more about applying makeup perfectly each time, every time by clicking here.

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