Nail Art For Kids

Fundraising activities can be fun whether they’re simple or elaborate. Before you select a fundraising activity, decide on how long this can be held and how much involvement can the kids have so you can determine the best activities that suit the kids and raise the target funds. Here are a few fundraising ideas for kids that you may find suitable for the kids in your group.

Most Liked Photo Contest – The kids can submit their favorite photos of their pets, toys or other neat stuff they like. People can vote for the entries they like with tickets they purchase. Of course the photo with the most votes wins.

The Big Auction – It’s a simple auction where kids and parents can participate. You can accept cash or better yet, sell credits that the participants can use to bid for any donated item. Auctions are more fun than yard or garage sales because the activity itself is competitive. The key to making this auction a big success is to include big ticket items and use these to generate more interest for the fundraising activity.

Dinner or Party – This is probably the biggest favorite among kids. Everybody wants to enjoy a good meal in a great party with entertainment. It works well for schools or organizations with access to kitchens and have many willing volunteers to help out.

Plan a theme for the dinner or the party. It can be a formal event where everyone can wear the fanciest clothes, or a costume party or an afternoon of barbecue with live entertainment. Take advantage of the latest trends and what’s in season and the party is a sure hit.

You can even add more fundraising components here such as an election where people can vote what a known personality will wear to a party, like a funny and clever costume. You can have kids volunteer for letting people vote on their haircut or makeover which will be revealed at the event. Of course the choices are already preselected and all these are done in the spirit of good fun.

For the entertainment at the party, kids and even facilitators can do skits that will make the party very fun and memorable.

Ice Cream or Yogurt Fundraising – Everybody loves ice cream. If there’s an ice cream parlor or yoghurt place with a convenient location, you can coordinate with the manager and make arrangements for bringing them more customers and getting some proceeds for your cause. You can add more promotional stuff for the event such as free face painting or nail art for kids who buy their ice cream. Someone can volunteer for making balloons to be given away at the event. The more festive it is, the happier it will be for everyone. Pre-sell tickets to this event and you can more or less know how much you can expect before the event.

These are but a few fun fundraising ideas for kids. Remember that a bit of creativity can go a long way.

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